The world's most valuable range of English qualifications. 

'If children learn English when they are young, they will have a significant advantage when they leave school. Our exams are valued around the world and, with a Cambridge English qualification, children can access the best study, work and life opportunities.'

Extract from University of Cambridge ESOL examination website.

Cambridge ESOl offers the world's leading range of qualifications for learners and teachers of English. Over 3.5 million people take these examinations each year in 130 countries. The examinations are recognised by thousands of industrial, administrative and service based employers as an excellent qualification in English. They are also accepted by a wide range of educational institutions for study purposes.

Cambridge ESOL offers assessments across the full spectrum of language ability from Young Learners to Proficiency.

The webpage link here will take you directly to the Cambridge information page.


Here at MTA we are delighted to have been given recognition as an examination preparation centre by the British Council in Palma. We have a great deal of experience  dealing with all levels of the examination spectrum from Movers & Flyers, which our English Second Language programme has been built around, to Advanced certificate. We currently have six students studying through our senior academy in order to take their Advanced certificate this year, 2015.

One of the most exciting things about working at MTA is the diversity of the student base. Below is a snap shot of our Monday evening Cambridge exam class. We have our youngest student taking KET and our oldest taking Advanced. The programme we offer is tailored and individual therefore offers a very personal service to match everyone's own needs and objectives.

DSCF0003 DSCF0001

DSCF0005 DSCF0004

Our most recent success is Pep Vila Pons

Pep prepared for his KET certificate with us at Mallorca Tutoring Academy and did extremely well. Well done Pep.


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