In September 2009, Jay Hirons and I opened the doors on the Kip McGrath Education™ centre. Now known as Mallorca Tutoring Academy. Our aim is to provide a range of supplementary education programmes which compliment the hard work of local schools and to work in partnership with them and the other formal education institutions.

Our programmes are designed to help younger students in their early years at school, as well as providing accelerated learning and extension programmes to assist the older students through their academic endeavor.

Since our early days we have gone from strength to strength; providing professional tutoring in English, mathematics, science, Spanish and Catalan. In addition we offer extensive support at all levels in the Cambridge English programme, SAT and TOFEL.

Last year we were able to offer a scholarship to three students in conjunction with an international school. The nominated students received a full term’s tuition in English or maths, currently worth €364.

We are currently supporting two IGCSE students who will be taking their examinations in May 2015. Both students have been predicted to achieve C or B grades but are determined to work with us to strive towards 'A' or A star.

We are delighted to be able to be part of their future.

By working together we can make a difference. 



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