Senior Academy

After many years working with older students Martyn fully understands their needs.

He appreciates the pressure points prior to examination during the academic year & prior to examinations; IGCSE, IB, SAT and A level.

In order to support these students he has created a sophisticated mentoring service where students can develop an independent style of learning and take advantage of additional self development whilst not in a formal classroom environment.

He ensures that any learning dovetails completely with what the students' school has delivered.

Martyn is available from Monday - Saturday.

The senior academy specialises in developing skills in independent learning in the following disciplines:

  • Maths.

  • All sciences.

  • Business and economics.

  • Other key stage 5 subjects.

  • USA university entrance examinations - ACT, SAT & TOEFL

This service has proved very beneficial to many students over the last three years and we have seen some fantastic results and personal development.

Our latest successful students from the senior academy have all undertaken SAT. Their scores were impressive: Jade 1760, Seb 1790 and Laura 2060. We need to remember that the average score for SAT across the United States stands at 1500, therefore the performance of these candidates is exceptional. Well done to you all.


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